Vote Trump: GOP Electors Should Ignore Their States Popular Vote

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Do you want a path to victory? You want a path for Trump to return for another term? Do you want to continue the Trump economy? Do you want to help stop Socialism? Do you want to stop the Democrats from packing the Supreme Court? Do you want to stop Democrats from adding states and packing the Senate? Do you want to continue challenging China?

If you want to stop endless wars, then we have a path. If you want to keep draining the swamp, then we have a way. If you want to keep up the fight with the Deep State, then there is a way to do that. If you want to keep getting new trade deals, then there is a light at the end of the tunnel for all of us. If you want four more years of Trump, then we can do it.

The left is going to do all these things. The Democrats are full of bad ideas and policies. They fundamentally want to change this nation and norms that have existed for one-hundred and fifty years or more. Luckily, we have a chance to stop all of this and save our nation from going off a leftist cliff. The great thing is we can return Trump to the White House by using our system.

We do not have to break a single rule and we can go by our American framework to accomplish all of this. How we rescue our country from being in the grasp of a mad ideology is through each state’s electors. There is nothing in the rules that binds electors to the popular vote of their state. Regardless of who won the popular vote if the electors vote for Trump in the Electoral College, we save the nation.

The justification for doing this is simple, the election was a fraud. There were so many examples of out and out fraud that we must override the popular vote in each state through the electors. Whether it was dead people voting, software chicanery, or any of the many anomalies we have seen in this election, our system is equipped to handle this through the electors. Everywhere that Republicans control the state government, we should have the electors override this fraudulent election and save our nation by voting for Trump in the Electoral College regardless of the popular vote.

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