Trump Should Not Have Allowed Biden Transition

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Watching the media and Never-Trumpers scream about allowing Joe Biden to have his transition is comical. These people have no shame. After what the Democrats did to Trump, if I were the president, I would not take part or allow any transition. If Biden is successful in stealing this election, then I would not give Joe even the simplest of courtesy. I would not even welcome him to the White House to pass the torch, I would just leave before he got there.

These people are crooks and should have been in prison, not in charge. How these political scamps got control of the government again through fraud and other chicanery creates a situation where many will not accept this election. Let me say it again, there is no way we will accept these election results. Joe Biden will carry the title of “Illegitimate President” forever and that will never change. His presidency will have an asterisk next for all of history.

Notice Joe Biden is not asking for illegal ballots to be thrown out. He is silent because if all the ballots that were not allowed to be counted in this nation was thrown out, Trump would win by a landslide. President Trump got more votes than any sitting U.S. President in the history of America. Yet we are told he lost. We are not blind; we see all these votes being counted that is not allowed. We know who won and it is not the most boring presidential candidate in history.

Democrats are a very corrupt group of people. That is what they have in common, they are unabashedly straight out crooked. They gather in politics, media, tech, academia, and sports and entrainment. It is all about power with these people. All they want to do is run your life and have you live under a set of rules that they will not live under. They deserve no transition.

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