Amy Klobuchar & Elizabeth Warren Knew About Dominion And Stayed Silent

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When I finally learned about what happened with this election it all made sense to me. If you do not know what happened here then go educate yourself, because I am not taking the time to do it. There is no way Joe Biden is a legitimate president, he if takes office will be illegitimate. Americans cannot accept this election interference and false outcome. Not now, not ever should we swallow this one.

What made me angry is I found out that Senator Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren have been screaming about this for years and then when it happens to benefit their side, they stayed silent. Those two sat back knowing what went down here with these software companies and they did not say a word in real time. The two are so corrupt and shortsighted to think that this is something that should be excepted just this time.

There is no way half of this nation will accept this election under any circumstance and the left should not either. This is a disgrace. The corruption of this election is not some conspiracy theory, it is the observable reality that faces us all. We must redo this election without the criminal software companies and count it all by hand. That is the only way to handle this.

The more you learn about what transpired here the angrier you will get. If you are a free-thinking person and not a partisan then there is no way around this axiom, we must redo the election. The Democrats should be calling for this as well. However, because of their hatred for Trump, they will never do the right thing. That leaves the other half of our nation and we should never lay down for this heist and ban these companies from ever operating in our nation again.

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