Nancy Pelosi Bankrupts Tens Of Millions Of Families Wants To Be Speaker Again

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There is no limit to the unmitigated evil that is Nancy Pelosi. After starving out tens of millions of families by cutting off emergency unemployment benefits, she seems to be self-unaware of her destruction. By cutting off money for schools, hospitals, and stimulus for all, the speaker wants to be speaker once again. Nancy sends out a letter to all Democrats in The House asking for their support.

Nancy Pelosi is a horrible human being in my opinion. Playing that game with the Heroes Act was shameful, that was never going to be law and she designed it that way. How the Democrats could even consider sending her back to the speakership is beyond me. She talked every Democrat into voting against the stimulus and then many of them were wiped out at the ballot box this last election. Some Democrats think they lost because of socialism, but that is way off the mark. They lost because they abandoned the American people in their hour of need.

It was one of the evilest acts I have ever witnessed from the government. Yet there she is, a Baby Boomer trying to hold on to power to her very last breath. We’ve seen this before with Ted Kennedy, John McCain, and so many others, the Boomers just won’t give up power. They will not pass the torch to another generation. This is mostly an American problem because most advanced countries have already changed generations of power.

How could rank and file Democrats back this disgusting woman once again? It blows the mind to even think about it. Is there no one in The House that is brave enough to take her on? Is there anyone even strong enough to try? How could Democrats reward this woman after all she has done? This must come to an end. The damage the Baby Boomer generation has done to this country is incalculable. It is time to pass the torch to a new generation. Now is the time.

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