I Deleted ABC’s The View From My DRV

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I tried to hang on to that show out of respect for Barbara Walters for years now. The last four years have been harder than ever. Barbara created a show where we were to get different views from different generations of women. However, that entire concept has been turned on its head and her show has been destroyed. I don’t know who is to blame here, but it really doesn’t matter, the show went off the rails.

The show went an entire presidential term without it having a co-host from the viewpoint of Trump and the current Republican Party. Every single co-host of The View without exception voted for Joe Biden. Not only is it factual to say that there is only one viewpoint on the show, but the truth is also none of us ever signed up for that format. That is not what Barbara Walters gave the world and those hosts should be ashamed of themselves, all of them.

The last straw on the camels back was Whoopi Goldberg’s Karen style rant telling seventy-one million people to suck it up and accept the so-called election results. Ironically, Whoopi’s real name is Karen and she has certainly lived up to that appellation. Goldberg’s rant was so offensive and over the top that I can no longer watch the show or anything she will do in the future.

Who the hell does that stoner think she is? The broad would not even say the president’s name for four years and she is telling us to suck it up? She can go to hell as far as I am concerned. She singlehandedly drove a lifelong fan away with her obnoxious diatribe. I am sure I am not the only one who reacted this way. I probably lasted a lot longer than most out of my respect for Walters. But I am done with that freakshow, sorry Barbara, they just ruined the whole damn thing.

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