Joe Biden Angry Old Man Screaming At Cars

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Not only does it feel like 2016 all over again, but it feels even more so this time around. Are you ready for a Trump win? Is the left ready to face the fact that they fooled themselves once again? It is amazing they still believe in polls and pollsters. I think when we look back in the future we will see Joe got outworked. He sat in his house most of the time waiting to be crowned president.

All you have to do is open your eyes and see what is in front of you. You have an old angry man yelling at cars screaming about doom and gloom and dark winter. There is no energy around his campaign. Now juxtapose that with the happy warrior in Trump and all that energy that surrounds his campaign. Are we supposed to ignore all of these people that are supporting Trump? Kind of hard to do that, they are everywhere.

All the signs are there that this is going to be a Trump win. The left still seems to not get it. I would not want the left to be rewarded for their behavior in the last five years. They should not bear the fruit of all of their spying and chicanery. They should be in prison not the White House. All of this election interference from the press and the tech giants should not get the left power.

Joe Biden was probably the worst presidential candidate I have ever seen. It did not seem like he wanted it. When you look at the meek effort he put into running for president you are left wondering whether he even wanted it. He came across as a phony and his family looks like an international money laundering ring. One more thing, go google Hunter Biden pegging. Yea, there is that too.

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