A Handful Of States Has No Right To Hold Up Our Election

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How dysfunctional can these states possibly be? Counting seems to be a task that they struggle with. These states that are holding up the results of this election should be ashamed of themselves. You are an embarrassment to our Democratic Republic. You all make us look like laughing stocks to the entire world. You all are a menace to democracy.

I live in Florida, a state bigger than all six states that could not count on time. We counted and had our results displayed election night. There is no way these smaller states should not be able to achieve what forty-four other states had no problem doing. This is a disgrace. All of this time later and they STILL do not have their results! This should never be allowed to happen ever again.

These idiot states have effectively changed the election day with their incompetence. They collectively have put in rules that are not acceptable. If you do not get your votes in on election day, not postmarked, but in on election day, then it does not count. You can’t move a contest once it is over. Giving military ballots another week to get their votes in is not gonna cut it. These states can not be having their contest outside of the other forty-four states.

Moving forward all of this can be avoided if these six states that missed their marks can learn from this. Each state should send a delegation down to Florida and study how we do it. If they can’t figure out how to count on their own, then just copy what we do here in the Sunshine State. I am so disgusted over all of this. I feel a lot of anger watching these inept malcontents struggle to simply count. Do they teach math in any of these states? What a bunch of losers.

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