Give The Democrats Their Own Country Time To Rethink The Union

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One political party is measurably more corrupt than the other in America. They’re both extremely corrupt and self-serving, but one towers above the other in corruption and hypocrisy. That party is the Democrat Party. They are horrible human beings that need to be defeated at every corner and every step politically. But I’m tired of the argument, I want to give them their own country. I want to legally find a peaceful way to give them their own country.

Let them go be and let them have all of those things that they think they want in their heads. I don’t want to live under their yoke. I don’t want to pay for any of their ideas. I don’t want to live under their hypocrisy and corruption. I don’t want any part of the Democrat Party and their policies. Now, yes, I can pick a few things out of it that I would like. However, for the most part, there’s absolutely no freaking way I would back this party. This is the biggest group of failures in the history of mankind. Just look at the states and cities they run, it is awful. Their ideas are vacuous and proven failures.

So, let us give them the entire west coast and they can call it West America. You can divide the country anywhere. You can give the left everything west of the Rockies. How about splitting on each side of the Mississippi River? Or maybe make every state its own country? We sign a treaty to protect one another from foreign threats and we can do trade. There are many ways to do this. The government can give everyone money to move and give the nation two or three years to make the transition.

We do not need a civil war to accomplish this. We can do this peacefully. All I ask is to let us look into the possibility of this idea. The left needs its own nation. They got a lot of crazy ideas and let them go play around with those ideas. Let them build a new nation with their ideas and we’ll just sit back and watch. They had Brexit in the United Kingdom and broke from the European Union. Let America find our way. Let the left and the right in America go their own way. With all due respect to Abraham Lincoln, the union just does not work anymore.

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