Who Politicizes Dead Family Members More Than Joe Biden

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I have never seen in my life any politician that politicizes their dead family members more than Joe Biden. Joe traffics in this death porn like no one I have ever seen. He uses his dead family members as political currency. There is no shame in this man. The way he goes around swinging this nonsense is really off-putting. If you listened to him, he’s the only guy in the country who has lost family members to the grip of death.

Every time I see this man I think of death. I think about all of the dead people in his family. I think about how close to the grave he looks. He should consider dropping this death cirrus because it only reminds people of how old he is. He would be the oldest man to ever ascend to the presidency. Maybe he should not keep reminding us of that? But, what do I know?

The country would have to be out of its mind to put Joe Biden in the White House. I will never get over the fact that of all the people in the Democrat Primary, it is this old man that they gave us. With all that younger talent and all of those cool ideas like Universal Basic Income, they hand us the dinosaur, Joe Biden. The whole thing is a damn Greek tragedy.

Why would anyone think that a man who has forty-seven years in Washington thinks that his forty-eight year would be any different? I mean who thinks like that? Trump Derangement Syndrome aside, who are thee people trying to shove Joe Biden down our throat? He is such a phony. He is a proven liar. The left complains about Trump’s lies and there answer is to give us this plagiarist? You could not make this stuff up.

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