Unemployed People’s Opinion On Nancy Pelosi’s Salon Visit

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Nancy Pelosi her ruling class ways on display at a beauty salon. Nancy Pelosi is what is wrong with America’s ruling class. She is a horrible human being who lets millions of unemployed people die on the vine while she goes to the spa. If the ice cream incident did not show off her inner Marie-Antoinette, the salon visit how cements it in stone.

Why do we allow ourselves to be ruled by these people? What is wrong with us that we keep sending these political scamps back to office year after year? How can we stand for any of this? They force us into a shutdown when all we needed to do was wear masks, and then they crash the economy, wipe out millions of jobs, and finally leave millions to fend for themselves as they cut off the federal extended unemployment.

These are evil people doing evil acts against us. And Nancy Pelosi is their ring leader. The sight of the woman makes me ill. The sound of her voice is like nails on a chalkboard for me. Her very existence is nothing but wasted oxygen. She is a grotesque human being. When we look back one day in the year 2020 we will picture this monster standing next to her twenty-four-thousand dollar refrigerator and remember what a horrible time this was.

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