Safe In Trump’s America Scam Will Not Fly

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The Democrats have no problem insulting you by asking you whether you are safe in Trump’s America. They just think you are stupid. They never even consider what an insult that scam is. Who on Earth would believe that Trump is responsible for Democrat-run cities that are burning every night? Who? Nobody, that is who.

Democrats are self-unaware of what they look like trying spin the line of crap. Democrats are quickly ruining some of America’s greatest cities in real-time. Their governance is destroying all these towns. They want to go around saying this is Trump’s America, well, go ahead, I never underestimate the ability of the Democrats to blow a presidential race.

Those are not Trump voters burning down businesses. It is not Republicans burning down all of these cities, these people are Democrats. Two months before the presidential elections and the Democrats want to burn cities down to the ground and then ask you are you safe in Trump’s America.

I guess they believe this is how they can win. I can’t imagine they are right, but let them have at this narrative because we see right through it. For most people, we look at Democrat-run cities and ask ourselves whether or not we want to put the country in these people’s hands. It is pretty clear to me what most people’s answer to that question would be. Hell no!

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