Democrats Fail To Get African American In White House Settles For Biracial Again

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One must wonder what are they going to tell the actual African American when they become president or vice president one day. As for now, The Democrats are still not ready to put that kind of person in the White House. The only one that got there was Michelle Obama but she wasn’t voted in, she got in through her biracial husband.

You see Michelle like the mayor of Atlanta Keisha Lance Bottoms are direct decadence of slaves and has the paperwork to prove it. That will be the true measure of America when we can finally elevate a true African American to the highest office. Instead, Democrats just call these people the first when in reality they are not and will have some explaining to do with those future people when they finally arrive.

Kamala Harris is not even African descent, her father was from Jamaica. That the problem with using the term African American, it does not fit many people. If you make the argument that Kamala’s father’s people came from Africa before, then we are all Africans if you want to go back to Mitochondrial Eve.

The point is the Democrats have claimed they put an African American in the presidency and now as VP of their party’s ticket. It is just false to claim such a thing. They put the first mulatto president arguably, there is this thought about Abraham Lincoln, but let me not digress, their claim is spurious. They are the ones who practice identity politics and now they are twisting that into a pretzel trying to fit their fallacious narrative.

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