Democrats Care More About The Post Office Than The Unemployed

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The Democrats are betting that if they abandon millions of unemployed Americans and cut them off from unemployment benefits that people will blame President Trump. We have gone through almost the entire month of August while the Democrat Party let unemployment checks expire at the end of July. Then, they did nothing.

These are evil people. Evil cannot exist without evil people doing evil acts. Democrats are evil and there is no bigger example than what they are doing to unemployed Americans. Playing political games with the Post Office instead of lifting families that, due to no fault of their own, depend on these benefits for pure survival is a gigantic act of pure evil.

Public health officials are now telling us that if we wear masks and do social distancing, and washing our hands, that we would get the same bang for the buck, as we would a total shutdown. If that is true, and I don’t know why anyone would believe public health officials ever again, but if true, that means we did not need a shut down in the first place. We just needed to mask up and some other things.

So with that in mind, the government destroys tens of millions of jobs with a forced shutdown, many that will never come back, and then cut off these millions of people from unemployment benefits. And they wonder why there are riots in the streets nightly, there are no jobs, people would not have time to riot on a nightly basis if people were working. It all comes down to Nancy Pelosi and her evil heart or her burning desire to play politics with people’s lives.

If this continues much longer, this country is going to fall apart even worse than it is now. Nancy and the people in congress are mostly millionaires, they don’t feel any of this pain in our nation. These people are scum. Collectively, they are horrible human beings that spread darkness and despair. We have to vote every one of these scumbags out. We should not allow them to do this to America. What happened to the notion that they work for us?

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