Democrat Claim On Meeting Republicans Halfway On Unemployment Is A Lie

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The Democrat claim that they are the ones that will meet the Republicans halfway is a completely misleading falsehood. They are going around saying that they told the right, that if they came up a trillion dollars, that the Democrats would come down a trillion dollars from their 3.4 trillion-dollar coronavirus stimulus bill.

What they do not tell you, is that they are telling the Trump administration, that they must accept the entire so-called Heroes Bill, but just not keep it going for longer. In other words, give us every program we want in this bill or take a hike. The leftist press allows this falsehood to propagate and the unemployed is the one harmed and destroyed.

Let us not forget that these political scamps can just do a clean bill that just covers unemployment instead of playing politics. People are bleeding out all over the place and the left will not even give a band-aid let alone stitch up the wound and stop people from bleeding out financially and otherwise. And since tens of millions of people lost their health insurance with their job, nobody can even see a doctor to address the bleeding.

We should not also forget that it was the government that cut Americans in the first place with their forced shut down. They cut people wide open and will not even help stop the bleeding. This entire episode with this unemployment is governmental evil at its very core. Who does evil things? Well, evil people of course. These political scamps are getting their paychecks and vacations. They are in fact, swamp creatures.

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