We Must Sacrifice Our Children For Trump’s Re-election

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If 2020 has not been the worse possible year for humanity, remember, it is just barely over halfway through the year. There is more to come and the latest is this insane American president forcing all the schools of the land to reopen in the middle of a raging deadly pandemic. You couldn’t make up this stuff if you were Shakespeare.

The hours blend into days, which bends into weeks, and before you know it, months have passed by. Half of a year has passed by and still, we can’t escape Coronavirus COVID-19 or the madness that surrounds it. Part of that madness is an American president that is demanding we send our children back to school before a vaccine is found or any fruitful medications to curtail this whacked-out virus comes to fruition.

This is happening and for some reason, we are listening to these ridiculous politicians. Well, I’m not, but a whole lot of you are. Some of you folks are going to use your kids in some giant social and medical experiments. Your allegiance to the great leader knows no bounds and you will sacrifice your child or children to curry favor with said leader. Why else would you do something like this?

This entire concept of reopening the schools in thirty days is nothing short of insanity. Historians will look back at this time and wonder how on Earth did this president mobilize an entire nation to act insane. I still don’t know how or why but it is scary to watch. We are even opening up Disney World today, now how logical is that?

The fact that our only alternative to this crazy presidency is some senile old white guy named Joe Biden just turns this entire ordeal into a horror show. I have never seen of, more importantly, felt, such insecurity for America’s future. My country is simply unrecognizable to me and I do not see a light at the end of this tunnel.

Everything the so-called experts have told us about this virus has been wrong. We know nothing. So what do we do in the face of this? Well, we send our kids back to school and spread this virus even more. I will not participate. I just won’t. How about you?

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