Blame Trump For The Death Of Herman Cain

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Of course, there is no way to prove it, but we all know Herman Cain got COVID-19 at Trump’s Tulsa rally. I blame Trump for his death. I blame Trump for many deaths. The way this man handled this whole thing clearly killed lots of folks. The results of his actions draw a straight line to the grave.

Telling people to liberate their states and ignore is own administration recommends opening up the economy lead to this deadly spike in the virus. The way Trump made people feel about wearing masks, in the beginning, cannot be taken back now, the damage is done, the deaths are permanent. The ocean of death the president put this country in is still raging.

The man is truly a menace. I liked Herman Cain! This is horrible what happened to him. The Tulsa rally was the first and only since the large gathering of people in the entire world. Trump should have never held that event and now the world has lost a good and impressive man. This did not have to happen, so many people did not need to die. As far as I am concerned Trump is a monster.

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