Roger Goodell Joins The Chorus of Cowards And Apologizes

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Roger Goodell joins Drew Brees and apologizes for their own beliefs on kneeling for the national anthem. Two thoughts can be true at the same time, one, cops are out of control and, two, an NFL football game is not the proper place to protest about it. A person, any person, who holds these two thoughts in their head is not a racist.

You see, I have lots of credibilities here because I have been publishing about the out of control nature of law enforcement since 2008. I have told people for years cops have a very thin line between them and the so-called bad guys. I have never had a pleasant experience with a cop and I have had many. I take a back seat to nobody on my negative opinion of law enforcement.

However, I believe that when I sit down to watch an NFL game, to get away from the horrors of the world, I don’t the horrors to be apart of the game. It is an escape for me, it is escapism and I don’t want anyone to ruin that for me. I don’t want this or any protest apart of this experience. I didn’t even like injecting breast cancer awareness and have my NFL warriors running around in pink shoes. I didn’t want to think of the scourge of cancer of any kind. It is not the place for it.

That does not make me or anyone who believes like I do wrong about this subject matter. It is our opinion, no more, or no less valued then Black Lives Matters. This is how we feel. Look at the damage Colin Kaepernick did to the NFL, it is measurable. Just go back and look at the film of all the stadiums last year, they were half empty. City after city had these empty seats and lost fans forever in some cases. I watched people on Facebook burn all of their memorabilia from the NFL over this kneeling crap. We do not want this or any protest in our observance of professional football, period.

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