Was The President’s Valet A Pawn In A Murder Plot

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I am suspicious that the personal valet that goes into the resident section of the White House and feeds the president his meals is positive for COVID-19. The guy who travels around the world with him has tested positive for Corona with symptoms? How do we know the CIA or some other intelligence agency didn’t infect that guy to get to the president? Everybody in the White House has been Abbott’s molecular COVID-19 tested just to be able to see the president. That test delivers results in minutes and you can’t even see the president anymore without being tested, but the personal guy who goes into his bedroom and brings him his meals is positive? I smell a rat here!

Remember with the Durham investigation some very very powerful people are about to be arrested. I think I just came up with my very own conspiracy theory here! But seriously, this is a bit suspicious, don’t you think? How was something like that allowed to happen? The first person in the entire White House to test positive just happens to be the president’s valet? How convenient is that if you are a Trump hater? Or if you are part of a group that is about to be exposed over the Russian Hoax, how far could they possibly go?

Maybe I have watched too many episodes of Homeland, but this looks and smells fishy to me. If somebody infected the valet without him knowing in a way to get to the president and give him the virus, that would be a perfect ploy. Who would suspect anything? Will this turn out to be the next “insurance policy” to get to Trump once and for all? I think somebody better look into this and do some real contact tracing. What if it wasn’t a domestic plot but a foreign nation to be behind it? I did hear the guy traveled around the world with the president. It is time for an introspective declaration of the evident truth here. How is it possible that this could have happened?

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