Reopening America This Soon Is Madness

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It takes a whole lot to shock me but I am stunned watching the speed of states reopening. Every single state blew through the federal guidelines and started opening up. Not a single state had declining COVID-19 cases of fourteen days like the guidelines called for. States like Florida took things like salons out of the so-called phase three and jammed all of those businesses into phase one.

The unemployment money had just started to flow and actually get to people and now they want you back at work. It does not seem to matter to these politicians that nothing has changed and it is not safe out there. Before America went down this insane road all of the models show the virus coming down in the month of June and by July first, it was all gone. Now that we all have rushed back outside June should be a bloodbath of death.

These people protesting that they want to be free to dance through the virus’s raindrops are flat out nuts. They will infect themselves and of course, they will make others sick. How this pandemic became politicized is beyond me but there is a left/right-Democrat/Republican thing that is frightening. The virus cares nothing about our political leanings. Yet here we are, the stupid human beings that make a damn pandemic political.

Opening barber shops, nail salons and other types of spas are not only stupid, but it is also dangerous. This foolishness will kill people, probably lots of them. What are we going to do? What happens when there is a deadly spike? Are the hospitals ready for such a spike? How are the scientific and medical community feel now that they see everybody is ignoring their advice? How many more people will die now? The whole reopening is nothing but pure and unadulterated madness.

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