Mr. President Do Not Answer Anymore Questions On Testing

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Coronavirus testing for the press is just a bludgeon for them to pound the president with. There will never be enough testing that will be good enough for them. They know that and only use it to smash you with every day till the end of time. They did it to President Bush on Katrina and this is your Katrina for them to abuse you with. The leftist leaning press is made up of horrible monstrous people and half the country knows it.

The fact that you have made so much progress on a virus never before seen on Earth and the speedy inventions of testing machines that also never existed on Earth has been noteworthy and incredible. The way you have unleashed the private sector has been amazing to watch. The Democrats would have had an all government approach and your use of federalism has been inspiring.

The people know that you were handed cupboards that were empty by Obama just like he handed you the military all depleted. We know he was behind the coup to remove you and we wait for all of them involved to be arrested. Restoring the integrity of the justice system will be one of your legacies along with what you did with the courts. The press is never going to give you credit for these things but history will.

Mr. President, you are doing a good job with an impossible situation. Just keep up the good work and ignore the press. I would not allow anyone in your administration to answer another single question about testing and you should never speak to the press about this subject ever again while you are alive. We see the bias of these political scamps and we do not respect any of them and we do not believe a single word they say or write.

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