Just Go Away Barack Obama Just Go Away

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Former President Barack Obama, the most corrupt president of our lifetime, is like a case of herpes that won’t go away. The joke is that he didn’t even want his former vice-president to run but, now he is going to be out there campaigning for him. The whole ordeal is so fake and disingenuous. Obama has to know that Joe is senile and not up for the job.

However, since Barack is the king of Trump Derangement Syndrome he must keep up this never-ending feud between him and Trump. Looking back, Obama did campaign for Clinton, but how did that go? The former president really does not affect the voting public anymore, but in his head he still sees himself standing in front of those Greek columns holding back the rising oceans. His presence in the 2020 election will only help kick up enthusiasm on the right and guarantee Trump’s reelection.

Whenever I see Barack or even hear his voice, it is like nails on a chalkboard. The man is so corrupt and so dishonest. The difference between his and Trump’s dishonesty is clear. We all understand Trump and the crap that comes out of his mouth, but Obama hides behind a fake illusion of integrity. The man lies, lies, and lies all of the time, but with the help of the fake news, they make believe he is no drama, Obama. It is all smoke and mirrors. Obama was a horrible president on many levels.

The former president was told by the White House lawyers at the time to stop telling the public you can keep your doctor or that you can keep your plan under Obamacare. But Barack did not stop telling that lie over and over to our faces. Even Bob Woodward went on national television years ago and and said that if he was a young man, he would park his car outside of the IRS building in D.C. and break the next big scandal. Not a single younger reporter followed his advise.

Going back in time if you remember Obama used the IRS to go after conservatives groups and individuals. With Obamagate unraveling currently in front of our eyes, it is looking like the man weaponize just about all of the government to go after his political enemies. He certainly used the intelligence community to spy on the incoming president and all of his people. The sycophant press calls all of these axioms conspiracies.

The whole thing is disgusting to behold. I’ll never forget Obama taking his young children into the BP oil soaked waters of the Gulf of Mexico telling everybody the beaches are open and all is well. To this day those waters have still not healed. I can go on and on, the man is just a dishonest person. In the end, just go away Barack Obama, just go away.


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