I Do Not Trust Coronavirus Modelers At All

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I wouldn’t listen to a signal word from these so-called modelers when it comes to their death counts. These people are all over the map. I thought the hurricane models were nuts but these Coronavirus models are even more chaotic. There is a world of difference between sixty-thousand deaths compared to over two million. It is not even worth our time listening to any of these people.

I saw one modeler on television saying two different things. On the same day, he was saying that that the newly revised model that went up to 135,000 dead was because they are now including suspected Coronavirus deaths. He was on Fox when he said it. Then, I see this nut telling CNN what they wanted to hear that the increase is due to states opening up. One of those statements is true and one is not. I don’t trust these people.

These modelers are as bad as the pollsters that said Hillary Clinton was going to win the 2016 presidential election. The same fools that are saying Biden and his dirty fingers and hair sniffing are going to win this time. How can you trust any of these people? I certainly do not. Some agendas are permeating throughout this modeling thing and I would not believe any of it.

These people all make a living scaring people. They do not know how many hurricanes there will be this season. They do not know who is going to win the 2020 presidential election and they damn sure do not know how many Americans the Coronavirus will kill. They are all full of shit and nobody should pay attention to any of these want to be fortune tellers or Nostradamus himself. I think they believe that we are all stupid. Well, we are not.

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