We Supported Bernie Now We Support Trump Again

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In 2016 Bernie Sanders was the first and only politician I had ever sent money to. Bernie calls his agenda Democratic Socialism, but it is Populism and it spoke to me. I had given up on the concept of Conservatism back in the economic crash of 2008. I was a lifetime conservative that grew up under Ronald Reagan, but in 2008-2009 I saw the folly of that ideology play out in front of my very eyes. Millions were left homeless, jobless and to no fault of their own was left helpless.

Back in 2008, you just could not pile in your horse and carriage and go west to start over again, there was no pulling one’s self up by the bootstraps. The conservatism that I was taught my whole life seemed like some abstract theory of something back then, and not anything related to practicality. Listening to conservative broadcasts blast out insults to the jobless people and calling them bums was the last straw for me. I was left with no political home after the Great Recession.

Fast forward to the election of 2016 and the message of Bernie Sanders touched my political soul. It spoke to me and made me feel connected to something once again. Another messager and message at the time that spoke to me was Donald Trump and his campaign. Both voices spoke to the reality of what our nation’s trade deals have done to our country. The carnage that we know see in the Coronavirus era lays bare the truth of what outsourcing our manufacturing base has done to us. In the middle of a pandemic, we can’t even take care of our basic needs.

Back in 2016, Bernie Sanders lost the election to Clinton because he did not have the balls to take her on. Remember, right when he could have put a dagger into her campaign, he screamed out in a debate that we did not give a damn about her emails. Bernie was wrong, we did, and his inability to be tough lost him the White House. If he couldn’t stand up to her then how was he going to stand up to China? After Bernie lost our support went to Trump, he had the balls and was tough enough.

Now in 2020, we gave Bernie another chance because of our disappointment that Trump governed conservative more than he governed populist. Once again Bernie did not have the grit to go after Biden and his clear senility and fight for the nomination. Mr. Nice Guy lost once again. So, where do people like us go now? We have no choice, the Democrats did not give us a decent alternative, they gave us onset dementia.

It was shocking to see that the Democrats with many excitable choices gave us some senile old man from the Obama era. Watching that happen just broke my heart. I did not want Trump again, but now we have nowhere to go. There is not a snowball’s chance in hell that any of us would support Biden the corporate, establishment candidate from the bowels of political past. That would never be our future, we have to stay with Trump and hope for a little populism. The establishment on both the left and the right is who we are all fighting. We went from Sanders to Trump in 2016 and we’ll do it again in 2020.

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