Using State Unemployment Systems Giant Mistake

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President Donald J. Trump said he did not want to use the state’s unemployment system but that the Democrats demanded it. He said that many states have very old systems. Well, he could not have been more right. This situation people are dealing with is horrendous and untenable. Here in Florida, the website for unemployment is not even mobile compatible. It does not work on smartphones, that is how old their system is.

The website in Florida keeps error’ing out and throwing people off the site once you spent hours trying to get in. People have filled everything out, then the old website fails them and they have to start over again and again. It is a nightmare and just more suffering put upon the American people. Using the state to give out the money was a huge mistake that must be reversed immediately.

In 2009 I covered the unemployment problems for America Speaks Ink and I intend on covering this subject matter again. Back then, it was a battle to get to 99 weeks of unemployment due to the Great Recession. Just like today, back during the economic crash of 2008, and due to no fault of their own, the workers were put through hell. It was the treatment of workers by conservatives that had me walk away from conservatism and go towards populism.

The solution here is simple. The federal government needs to send the money to our bank accounts like they will be doing with the $1200 and how they do it with our tax returns. Leaving this up to the states is unacceptable and it just won’t work in time to help anyone. Rent was already due and greedy landlords nationwide do not give a damn about a global killer pandemic, they want their money. The government must do more for Americans and it starts by taking back the responsibility of handing out unemployment money.

Last time the economy cratered the government bailed out the banksters and the huge corporations. I was literary amazed and grateful that there was not a revolution in the streets. This time and this situation cuts way deeper and affects way more people. The government better tread lightly here and take care of the workers. Last time there were millions homeless and jobless. There were families on street corners begging for help. That was 12% unemployment, this time, they are talking 25-35% unemployment. Our nation and culture could unravel.

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