Time For Implementation Of Andrew Yang’s Universal Basic Income

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It is time we bail out the people. Last time in the economic crash of 2008 America bailed out the big banks and corporations. If you remember, we left the people fending for themselves and homeless on the streets. I’ll never forget the families standing on street corners with signs asking for help. Instead of paying off all the nation’s mortgages, we filled the coffers of some of the biggest companies in America.

This time around, instead of strictly making people and “small” businesses whole, we are putting giant piles of money aside to save the airlines and other countless giant corporations. It is horrible to watch this happen all over again. Have we not learned anything from last time? It seems not. I was amazed and grateful that last time the people did not rise up and start a revolution on the streets. This time around, too many people are touched by this and I doubt very much people will put up with much from the government this time.

Before today, the biggest and most destructive event of my lifetime was the economic crash of 2008. The effects of that lasted for many years and it took a long time to dig our way out of that. All of those people who were homeless and jobless came from 12% unemployment. This time they are saying we could have 20% unemployment and even more. I could not imagine what that would look like. We could come apart as a union over something like this.

Not only is Amazon making a fortune during the pandemic, but it is currently hiring over 100,000 people to keep up with it. At the same time, they pay no taxes where they could be paying. Andrew wants to tax them and other giant tech companies and send monthly money to every American. If this is not the perfect time to do this, there never will be. It is time to act on universal basic income.


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