This Is How We Get Back To Work And Save The Economy Despite Baby Boomers

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Dispute the reckless muse from the president to fill up the pews on Easter Sunday, there is a way back to normal. And of course, it is not a bloodbath or an Easter slaughter like the president hinted at. The solution is based on science and common sense. We have to test every worker and eventually everyone for the antibodies in their blood telling us whether they have already survived the virus.

We need to produce millions of these tests and they must be in the form of a home test. If we can test for the virus HIV in a home test, we can do COVID-19. Then, whoever has had this thing and beat it can go back to the workforce. These people would be the immune ones that can slowly start to get our economy churning again. The test on whether we have it or not doesn’t seem to be as important anymore, compared to finding out who beat it and can return to work.

For this to work we have to collectively apperceive that this is not going to happen overnight or by Easter for heaven’s sake. This will take some time, but it is the safest way to return to normal. We can not go by a political calendar or some wishful holiday calendar. You fill the pews on Easter Day and many will die. And for the record, they will not be resurrecting afterward.

It is all about how we handle these obstacles and whether we can choose the correct way forward. We already made a huge mistake of borrowing another two-trillion dollars instead of putting in place Andrew Yang’s idea of Universal Basic Income. We never needed to borrow a penny to handle this, but that is water under the bridge now. The Baby Boomers will not properly tax the tech companies to pay for it, we will have to wait for the Boomers to be gone. We must open our economy back up with people who had this coronavirus and not the vulnerable people who might or might not survive this ordeal.

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