Democrats Leave Us Nothing But Baby Boomers, No Thanks

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Here the Democrat Party had a chance to make a generational change and offer the country a new future. What an absolute wasted opportunity and gigantic disappointment. With Amy dropping out, all we are left with is three old white men and a Boomer woman that thinks she is a Native American Indian. This woman who has no reason whatsoever to still be in this race is not a choice. The Democrats have failed us on a grand scale.

For those of us who supported Trump in 2016 and who would never do that again have NO alternative choice coming from the Democrat Party. The magnitude of this let down is heart-wrenching. Yes, they have Tulsi Gabbard who we would back in a New York minute. However, Tulsi was treated horribly by her party in such a disrespectful way, that she had no chance. I was so much pulling for her success, her and Andrew Yang, but it was not to be.

Yes, the Democrats will have “Never Trumpers” because they were never Republicans in the first place, they were are RINOS (Republicans In Name Only) but the people who once backed Trump and were disappointed, we have nowhere to go now. We don’t want any more Baby Boomers, they have destroyed enough of this planet. We don’t want Biden because we fought his ticket for eight years under Obama, we would never vote for him. We certainly do not want a Socialist who just had a heart attack. And billionaires buying the presidency, nobody should be for.

For the Democrats not to realize the millions of former Republican voters that they could have had if they only gave us something to cross over for, is political malpractice. With all the talk about the Democrat Party being the party of diversity, and to show their true colors here, this will ripple for years to come. Them giving us white Baby Boomers as our only choice, is the biggest political letdown I have had in years. We simply will never listen to Democrats ever again. The party and their voters will be the blame for eight years of Donald Trump.

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