The Chicken Little Impeachment

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The sky is falling, the sky is falling is what Nancy Pelosi and the Chicken Little Democrats told us about President Trump. They have been saying this for three years now and nobody believes them anymore. The Democrats took Trump Derangement Syndrome and simply lost their minds with it and now have as much credit with the truth as Henny Penny. Apparently, the left has forgotten about that folk tale.

We knew they were lying to us when they told us Trump was an immediate threat to our democracy and they had to rush through the impeachment process. We knew that was Chicken Little speak the minute they said it. They were in such a hurry to impeach the president that they never went to court and tried to build a stronger case compelling certain first-hand witnesses to testify. Now they won’t even send over the articles to have a trial. The whole thing was one big Chicken Little scam.

If they do not turn over the articles to the Senate then there is no impeachment. Trump will beat them once again because impeaching a president, or any federal employee for that matter, without giving them a chance to clear their name is clearly unconstitutional. The courts would wipe the impeachment away as fast as the Democrats can scream the sky is falling again.

Versions of the story of Chicken Little go back more than 25 centuries and this impeachment is just another version of the folk tale. Here, all the animals in the tale are the rats, pigs and stool pigeons in congress and within the Deep State. Which they show us exists day after day while saying it is a conspiracy theory. Their denial of the Deep State is just another form of Chicken Little. The only thing falling is not the sky but drones from the sky killing off terrorists.

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