How Many Democrats Will Violate The Constitution And Vote To Remove

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The Democrat house mangers got their asses handed to them in this trial. Watching that video montage of all of these same Democrats saying the opposite of what they are saying today compared to twenty some odd years ago was priceless. You would think that they would have just a little self-awareness to see how horrible this makes them and their arguments look. But, no, they don’t.

Alan Dershowitz’s constitutional argument on how this does not rise to an impeachable offense cannot be ignored. By doing so and voting for removal they themselves would be the ones violating the highest of our laws. Any Democrat that votes for removal should be removed from office at the ballot box. Because we will now know that they will not hold up to their oath that they took to protect our Constitution.

Let’s be clear, the left got out lawyered. The Dream Team that President Trump put together wiped the floor with the Democrat attorneys. As you know, I do not support Trump for reelection. I want Andrew Yang. So my only dog in the impeachment hunt is the Constitution and it is protected from rabid partisans in the House Of Representatives. I cannot ignore how out of control the Democrats have been since Trump won the election.

It has been fun following the impeachment trial. We’re in extraordinary political times and one day we are going to miss all this action. When and if things go back to the so-called norm, we will be so bored. I have a feeling it is gonna last much longer because of the populist movement is still strong on the left and the right. Bernie Sanders and his success show that populism is still running strong through America. I can’t imagine why people would want to go back to letting the so-called elites destroy this nation any further.

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