Fox News Cuts Gavel-to-Gavel Impeachment Coverage During Democrat’s Turn

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Shamefully, Fox News stopped covering the impeachment trial’s gavel-to-gavel coverage when the Democrats were making their case. What do you think the odds are when Trump’s legal team makes their case, Fox News returns to gavel-to-gavel? I think it is fair to assume the answer to that question. Ironically, Fox was winning the TV ratings when it came to the three cable news channels, so that decision doesn’t make much sense.

I watch Fox News and they just materially chased me away and into the arms of CNN and MSNBC. I want to watch the impeachment trial, every moment of it in fact. If you call yourself a news channel, then, what is more news than an event that has only happened three times in two-hundred and forty years? I’m pretty sure that is newsworthy. The bias that this move by Fox shows plays into the narrative that they are state-run TV.

Fox is not hiding the deviating from reality case that the Democrats are putting on against the president. They are only forcing us to turn on the other cable networks and they are losing our viewership from 1 PM to late into the night. Whoever made this decision to run regular programming during this historic event should be fired. But I assume a decision like that came from the top.

Fox News constantly complains about the leftist bias on CNN and MSNBC and then they pull this kind of stunt. They relinquish all credibility on that complaint moving forward. I personally thought that with the passing of Roger Ailes, there would be some dramatic changes at Fox News. I can see now with this decision to cut the gavel-to-gavel feed, that Fox News has learned nothing from their past behavior. Again, this blog is written by me, a Fox News follower, and not some leftist.

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