The Lying Democrats Of The 2018 Midterm Did Impeachment Anyway

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Let go back not too long ago in time. Let’s remember before the 2018 midterm election and what Democrats told us. They went around the country and told all of us that they would not impeach the president and that they would do the people business. They said they would work with the president to get things done for Americans. Impeachment was a buzz all-around at the time. Nancy Pelosi was telling all of the new Democrats running not to talk about impeachment.

Republicanism was warning everyone, that if you gave control of the House of Representatives there would be nothing but investigations, and they were right. At the time America was deep into the Russian hoax and all the Democrats were chopping at the bits to overturn the 2016 presidential election. But at the time, when running for offices across the country, they had to hide their true intentions. They were telling us that they would not get involved with impeachment if they won The House. They said they would work with the president to do the people’s business in districts that Trump won in 2016.

I never believed a word of it. I apperceive that the Democrat Party is a corrupt political evil force that is capable of serious political chicanery. Backed by their partners in crime, the mainstream media, they have Carte blanche to do all sorts of shady stuff while it gets ignored by the leftist press. I knew when they won the power back in 2018 that little would get done in the rest of Trump’s first term. Fast forward today and I and others were right.

Since they have filed more Subpoenas than actual bills into law after taking control, we now know they lied to us to gain power. The press highlights the lies from this president that is clearly out of control but ignore the big lie of the 2018 midterm. Watching the impeachment inquiry over the last couple of weeks reminded me of the midterms and the lie they told America. They have no problems with lies, you know, you can keep your doctor, you can keep your healthcare plan. If a Democrat is breathing, they are telling lies with every breath. America must not reward these Democrats in 2020, they must lose the House of Representatives. They must pay for their dishonesty.

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