Next Democrat President Will Be Impeached

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Thanks to Nancy Pelosi the next time we have a Democrat President and a Republican House, that president will be impeached. Nancy unleashed future impeachments that will spin out of control for years to come. That will be her legacy, it won’t be that she was the first female Speaker, it will be her failure to adhere to her own words that we should never impeach unless it is bipartisan.

From thirty thousand feet looking down the big picture here is the Baby Boomer Generation. This generation has destroyed every institution and every norm they got their hands on. They literally have destroyed the world and is leaving us with unplayable debt. Next on their list of destruction is the concept of impeachment. They have now impeached three presidents, meanwhile, over the last two-hundred plus years before them, there was only one impeachment of a president. The Boomers have weaponized impeachment and have done it three times now.

I do not support Trump for reelection, I want him gone, but not this way. It is my desire to see the Democrat Party wiped out at the polls in November so they learn a lesson. What they have done here with this impeachment is disgusting. This whole clown show is anathematic to democracy itself. There is no way that Trump’s phone call rises to the level of impeachment. Asking another president to look into Biden’s family corruption is not a crime.

The Democrats are telling us that asking about the Biden Family and their unscrupulous actions in Ukraine is a crime. Not what the Biden family was up to enriching themselves, but just asking someone to look into it is somehow an abuse of power. They have turned logic itself on its head. Impeaching a president and not be able to list a crime in the articles of impeachment illustrates the folly of this entire thing.

Now they have done this it will only be fair for the Republican Party to impeach the very next Democrat President as soon as they get a chance. WHAT IS GOOD FOR THE GOOSE IS GOOD FOR THE GANDER. This is what Nancy has brought upon the American political landscape. It is vital that the next Democrat that rises to the highest office be impeached. The left must learn this lesson and apperceive the destruction that they have done to the Constitution. They must pay for putting our country through this.

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