Impeachment Is Cancel Culture Gone Amuck

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If you are tired of the Cancel Culture that has come alive from the Me Too movement than you should be angry at impeachment. Impeaching President Donald J. Trump has been a dream of leftists since the Access Hollywood tape. Their view is that Trump has gotten away with murder when it came to sexual harassment. Of course, they ignore all of the fake harassment stories that have proven to be false and still call for his impeachment.

They have looked for every reason to impeachment him, everything from calling him a Russian Spy to now claiming he is destroying our elections and our democracy itself. The whole thing is insane. They are trying to tell us that asking other countries to look into how the Biden family got rich around the world is somehow an evil thing. They do not, however, want to talk about the Biden Family and what they have been up to over the decades, but want to remove our president for asking about it.

Just a cursory glance at the Biden Family and you can smell something is rotten in Denmark. Hell, while Trump is asking other countries to look into this corruption, maybe he should ask Denmark too. Looks like the Biden Family enriched themselves across the globe. But, no, no we can’t ask about that. Instead, we have to overturn the votes of over sixty-million people and nullify an American presidential election. Again, these people are insane.

It is time to cancel Cancel Culture and bring back the concept of due process. This insidious movement has spilled over into our politics and this impeachment is just the glaring red flag to shows you this movement has gone off the tracks. To try to remove any president months before the country votes on the presidency is what is destroying our democracy, not asking about the Biden family’s nepotism and corruption.

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