Democrats Self Implode With Impeachment

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The Democrats have not only found a way to get Trump reelected, but they even found a way to hurt their own candidates for 2020. And, most likely they just lost the House of Representatives in 2020 because Americans will make the Democrats pay for trying to remove a president in the middle of an election. They are completely self-unaware of how bad this looks to try to overturn an election in 2016. Their candidates will get wiped out in 2020 because of impeachment.

Nancy Pelosi lied to America because she said she would not do this unless both parties agreed. The parties don’t and she is doing anyway. By doing this, she just torpedoed five Democrat Senators that are running for president. All five will be dragged off the campaign trail and forced to sit in Washington instead of campaigning in Iowa. Those five are screwed while Mayor Pete and others can continue to campaign and grow more support.

The freshman Democrats that won in Trump districts said when running in 2018 that they would not do this, so they will get wiped out if they vote for impeachment. Trump will be able to say he beat them again when the Senate exonerates him and he is not removed. So, there is a ton of negative stuff that the Democrats are gonna go through politically because of all of this. It really makes no sense for the Democrats to do this. Not even four Democrat Scholars could even agree on Impeachment, yet they are moving forward anyway.

I do not support President Trump’s reelection, I want the man to be a one-term president, but not this way. In America we leave it up to the voters to decide whether a president deserves another term. Impeaching Trump in the middle of the election is a disgusting act and anyone who says otherwise is part of the problem. Democrats will not be awarded for all of this deception.

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