Coming Soon: Trump Town, Florida

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Breaking this week was the word that the residents of Briny Breezes, Florida might be willing to sell their town to the Trump family. A realtor got the help of Rapper Vanilla Ice who called Donald Trump Jr. and asked him whether the family would be interested in buying the town. It was reported that Junior called back saying that they would, in fact, be interested.

The pristine property on the coast would serve as the location of Trump’s presidential library and new town with hotels, restaurants and water taxis. The family can turn the whole town into something very special. The Trump family should sell all of their properties around the world and build a city like none other. They should become a political family dynasty like Kennedy, Bush, and Clinton. All of the children should run for office.

Now that the family has moved out of New York City, they can come down to South Florida and build a whole new home and residence for the whole family. This could be the biggest project the family has ever jumped on. They could build coastal high-rises all throughout their new city and it should be called Trump Town or maybe even Trumpville.

They should do it and pay for it in full, as not to have any debt that one day the bank could take the city away. that is why they should sell all of their properties so they can build an entirely new city that would not be subject to debt collection. They would not want to see a repeat of Atlantic City, New Jersey. They could build something permanent that nobody could take away from future Trump generations.

The Trump family found their niche in politics and they could build a monument to that accomplishment by creating a city around this concept. Even though Palm Beach County is one of several blue counties in Florida, there still are red sections of that part of Palm Beach County and Trump Town could be another. The tax base from people coming to the presidential library would go a long way in creating a future for this incredible idea.

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