We Can Thank Lt. Col. Vinderman For Whistleblower Eric Ciaramella

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You can thank that pudgy little bastard Lt. Col. Vinderman for this entire impeachment extravaganza. He is the snitch or at least it sure looked like that in the hearing yesterday. When pressed by Republican Devin Nunes on who he told about the president’s call, the bloated Vinderman stopped short of naming Eric Ciaramella as the whistleblower.

The press is playing this game that they will not name Ciaramella outright even though multiple presses have already published Eric’s name as the most likely CIA candidate for being the whistleblower. It was Vinderman that went out and ran his mouth to the CIA, giving that agency more ammunition to continue their ongoing war against President Donald Trump.

It is very unlikely that Lt. Col. Vinderman was unaware of the CIA’s efforts to oust Trump over the years from his viewpoint. Vinderman is just another person surrounding Trump that should not be there. The first chance he got to cause the president trouble he jumped on it. Other people who were on the infamous phone call did not go to lawyers complaining although they heard the very same call that Vinderman did.

Of course, this is all my own opinion, that we are still allowed to have in America, dispute the politically correct mob. But watching the hearing yesterday, it was clear to me that Lt. Col. Vinderman telling the CIA about that call has brought us this despicable impeachment debacle. This impeachment process has been off the rails from the very beginning and is the most partisan one-sided affair I have ever seen in my lifetime.

I think anyone who is buying what the Democrats are selling here needs to have their heads checked. There is no there,there, when it comes to some outrageous act that rises to the level of removing a president or overturning an election. Nullifying over sixty-million people’s votes over this phone call with the president of Ukraine is insane. I don’t give a damn about Lt. Col. Vinderman’s military history any more than I cared about John McCain’s days in the military.

I can hold two thoughts in my head at the same time. I can distinguish between somebody’s military service that was heroic and see what they do after said service. Lt. Col. Vinderman will not be remembered for his Purple Heart, but rather being a snitch and bringing us this entire ridiculous impeachment of President Trump. All brought to us by our friendly neighborhood Democrat Party and all the political scamps that come with it. And of course, the CIA. The whole thing is a national disgrace and the damage this is causing is unmeasurable.

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