Impeachment Will Derail Democrat Frontrunner Joe Biden

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The Democrat Party will destroy Joe Biden’s campaign if they persist with impeachment. Joe and his son Hunter are at the heart of this whole Ukraine thing, and hearing over and over again how the Biden family got rich through politics can not be a good thing for the candidacy of Joe Biden. So the party would harm their own frontrunner just to try to take down President Donald Trump.

I wonder if any have even thought about that? Bringing America impeachment for the holidays is certainly going to anger tens of millions of people, but look what that would do to Joe Biden, who by most counts, has been and still continues to be, the party’s frontrunner. From a politic viewpoint that does not look like a good idea. In fact, this whole impeachment ordeal has in fact harmed all of their candidates, because nobody is really talking about any of them.

They just have the lowest ratings of any debate while they were fooling around with impeachment. The Democrats in their quest for Trump’s removal have harmed themselves with this nonsense. Now, I don’t support Trump for reelection,let’s make that clear, but I can still see how removing a president eleven months before his reelection looks really bad to normal Americans not consumed with Trump hate. That is not how we do things in America, but this Trump Derangement Syndrome is making Democrats make really bad decisions.

It does not matter that there is no proof Joe Biden did anything wrong, it is how bad this looks with his family. Hunter was not the only Biden cashing in and getting rich. If they impeach Trump, all of this is gonna become the central subject matter of a trial in the Senate. Now tell me, how on Earth can that be good for the Democrats? Well, it is not.

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