Golf Picture Surfaces Showing Biden Dishonest About Ukraine

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The Democrats have sacrificed their front-runner with Ukrainian impeachment debacle. Joe Biden’s candidacy is over. You can not hear the word Ukraine without thinking of the Biden Family cashing in with crazy amounts of money. Now a picture has surfaced with Joe Biden and his son playing golf with Devon Archer, the man who served on the board of the Ukraine gas company.

The problem with the picture is that Joe Biden has been saying he never talked to his son about what was going on with him in Ukraine. The picture indicates that Joe Biden is not an honest man. In fact, Amtrak Joe is now a very wealthy man and his family is flush with cash. You can always get to the truth of things if you follow the money.

The Democrats have been saying in unison talking points that there is nothing to see here. That Biden has been cleared of any wrongdoing. They tell you this is a conspiracy theory and it has been debunked. You know, nothing to see here, move along, move along. I guess we are supposed to just ignore all of this play to play in the Biden family. Sound familiar? Maybe, Clinton Fountain? Boy, doesn’t the left just circle the wagons when they get in trouble?

The corporate media has lost all credibility and can not be trusted to get to the bottom of any of this. They have become an arm of the Democrat Party and the corporate interests of the masters they serve. We can not depend on any of them to give us the truth. The impeachment of President Donald Trump will backfire and bring all of this out. As collateral damage, Joe Biden will not be the Democrat Nominee to face Trump in the general election. Elizabeth Warren has got to be loving this!

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