Compare Media When Obama Kills Terrorist Leader And When Trump Does

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I was really caught off guard this weekend when I witnessed the liberal reaction to President Donald Trump killing the leader of ISIS. I thought there was no way the press could be negative about this. I thought to myself, that even the mainstream press would have to give him credit and celebrate this event as proud Americans. I mused that Trump would at least have one good day of press before they went back to their abhorrent coverage of him. Well, I was very wrong.

I happened to be up late at night on the east coast when the whole story broke. I stayed up for hours watching all of the breaking news that was coming in. For hours, I was waiting for all of the young people to show up on the street in front of the White House as they did with Obama when he killed Osama bin Laden. I waited to see thousands of people standing in front of the White House chanting USA, USA, USA in the middle of the night, just like they did for former President Obama.

After a time I realized that the young people were not coming. Slowly and within hours CNN starting changing its coverage of the event into a more critical and negative tone. By the time the sun rose the usual suspects showed up on air and started to undermine the narrative of this great accomplishment and finding every chance to take a shot at our president. Within the first twenty-four hours the disgusting press was on full-blown tear Trump down mood. I was aghast. I was sad and then my sadness turned into increasing anger.

The Democrat Party ( And I use that term on purpose with all of its histories) and all of its usual suspects, the press, Hollywood, and academia are an existential threat to the American way of life. They are dusting human beings and “Human Scum” as far as I am concerned. They are truly our enemy and garner no respect from the rest of us. These anathematic scamps deserve nothing but our disdain and they need to be defeated on every front of the public landscape.

I have had it with all of them. I can’t recognize the America they are creating. I can’t be apart of it. I don’t want to be apart of it. We are two different countries under one flag and I can’t see this holding for much longer. We have to find a way to legally separate from our selves. We are not compatible anymore. We are too different now, we are not a union anymore.

I have written about it before. I have written about it years ago and it has even more true today. And I will reiterate it here once again. We need to legally and peacefully break up the union. We need to find a new way forward for the 21st Century. It is time to make every state its own country and no longer answer to a central government out of Washington D.C. or the swamp as we call it. This way we will have fifty choices of different ways of life and forms of government.

I and many others have nothing in common with the western states or the northeastern states. I don’t share their values or worldviews. I have nothing in common with these people and I don’t want to be associated with their socialist-leaning ideas of government. I want to be able to choose a state that is more in line with my ideas about how to live my life. I want to cohabitate with people that can at least say “when warranted”, good job Mr. President, good job Donald Trump!

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