Baby Boomers Have Impeached Three Presidents

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Make no mistake about it, Nancy Pelosi will impeach President Donald Trump. So it made me think about what is really going on. Over hundreds of years of American history and before the Baby Boomers were born, only one president was ever impeached. So that is a really rare thing to happen. Fast forward to the Baby Boomer generation and they are now impeaching the third president in their lifetime. Yes, there was young Boomers part of the Nixon impeachment as well. Now we know that the Baby Boomers are the most self-absorbed, dysfunctional group of malcontents that have ever been created in the history of the world. These bozos have almost destroyed the entire world, America, the family, marriage and just about any institution they got their hands on including now the House of Representatives.

Regardless of how this generation started out, I’m more interested in seeing how they ended up. Watching them grow old has been painful. These sad people can’t even accept that they “are” old. Pulling back the skin on their faces with countless cosmetic surgeries in some insane effort to hold on to their youth. How many of them have we seen walking around among us with their faces pulled back so far, that it is bizarre and startling just to look at them? This crazy generation is so vain they won’t even age gracefully. Watching these know-it-all’s use the power they sought their whole lives, to destroy everything around them has been breathtaking. Now they are destroying the Constitution with a partisan impeachment once again.

Like the movie The Last of the Mohicans, America should track the Baby Boomers till the last living one. Like a dog who walks out into a grassy field to die, the Boomers march in unison toward the vast fields of Social Security. Unlike the dog who doesn’t disturb the field around him while he lays his head down to die, the Boomers will set on fire the field of Social Security and with their last breath destroy one more thing on their way out. The most destructive group of people in the history of our union must destroy everything in its path and they are at it again.

The Boomers will leave behind a crippling debt that future generations will never be able to pay back or recover from. It is over. We simply will not have enough workers to pay back the tens of trillions of dollars of debt and our population is too small to have a snowball’s chance in hell of digging out of this. It is done. The only thing left is the waiting. The waiting for the inevitable. Meanwhile, they are going to impeach another president. There is still time left for them to destroy things.

The Baby Boomers will no longer be able to hide behind their very own self-glorification. All the aspirations of the sixties will not hold weight to the generations crushed under their feet. No self-aggrandize narrative will amount to a hill of beans when we drown in the ocean of failure left behind. Their constant assault on The Constitution with their abuse of the impeachment power in the House of Representatives will just be another example of a generation that was a cancer on the American way of life. They were a virus that traveled through the entire world making the whole planet sick.

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