Another Baby Boomer President Is Offensive

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I hear that if the Senate had an anonymous vote that they would, in fact, impeach Trump. If that is true then these are the biggest group of cowards ever. Maybe they should be the ones impeached, if only that was allowed? I find impeaching a president in the middle of the election to be very offensive. People are so filled with hate for Trump that they are willing to abandon our democratic ways just to get rid of him who strays from our democratic ways. It is madness.

I don’t support the guy for reelection but I can’t back this movement of impeachment. I’m disgusted with the people pushing this anathema and I can’t watch the press anymore. Watching the press cover for Joe Biden while at the same time gunning for the president is unwatchable TV. The idea of a free press is dead forever and it is never coming back. It is just one more thing the Baby Boomers have destroyed on the way out.To put another Baby Boomers president in the White House is insanity folks.

The biased press is pushing this Boomer nightmare upon us and I hope the voters say otherwise. It really does not matter what channel of news you watch outside of Fox, they are all so in the bag for the Democrats, it is in the open now. Hour after hour, day after day the corporate press pushes their leftist views upon the country. Political correctness has gone amuck and these WOKE people push their insanity upon this nation at record speed. All while they are trying to shove another Baby Boomer down our throats. How do we get off this runaway train?

Everything that is going on right now is so utterly offensive. The president’s actions are offensive, the press is offensive and the congress is offensive. The whole thing is a horror show. I mean how much more dysfunctional can we possibly be? To say we have lost our ways does not seem to really cover the times we are in. Words just fail me…

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