A Voice of Reason When It Comes to Trump

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I think we all forget that Trump is just a reality TV star and businessman. The things that he does are done from the mindset of a businessman. They’re not done from the mindset of a politician. Politicians are big fat liars, we know that. Salesman are big fat liars, we know that. Their motivations are different from their tactics are slightly different but in every way they’re all just big fat liars.

The problem lies in the fact that those that support anyone other than Trump have ramped up all of the issues and have been throwing shit at the wall hoping it will stick. When all you hear for two years is Russia Russia, Russia, and then that gets swept under the rug and they move on to the next of racist, racist, racist… And now we’re moving on to impeachment, impeachment, impeachment.

I can tell you that I voted for Trump because I wanted our infrastructure fixed.  I wanted to know that my bridges would be safe, my roads wouldn’t be filled with potholes. I wanted someone with business sense to run our country like a business, but I didn’t realize two things.

I didn’t realize that the politicians were not going to allow a businessman to come in and do anything businesslike. They’re going to stop, in any way they can, any changes that have been put together by politicians for politicians. And then I didn’t realize that our nationalist – Go USA – presidential nomination was then going to become a globalist as soon as he was elected. Also, that whole I’m going to be presidential thing never came to fruition.

I was not, I mean not, going to vote for Trump again. Not because he hasn’t helped this country in certain ways, business being one. But because he’s not doing the things that he said he was going to do. He spends too much time worrying about reversing anything and everything that Obama did. And he spends too much time worrying about his ego.

However, the left have become so rabid, have become so out of their mind ridiculous and violent and dangerous, at this point they would rather rip apart families and friends over a man who’s going to be in office less than 10 years total, if re-elected, and then we’ll move on with our lives till the next president like we do every time. But it’s become more of a tear this nation apart, rip it in half, make everyone attack each other type of situation. And now I feel that if I vote him out and vote a democrat in all I will be doing is letting them get away with all of the meanness, hatred, riot inciting, hidden agenda horribleness that they’ve been doing since this reality show star has been elected, which will then just reward bad behavior that they’ve been doing.

As a parent, it’s very hard to show an approval to someone who has done something wrong. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Just because you don’t like who the president is, doesn’t mean you can be mean and ugly and violent and horrible to the people that do support him. That’s the whole point, we have different viewpoints, we have different ideas of how we think this country should be run, it doesn’t mean we have to be assholes to each other every 8 years. One guy gets in for one term or two and then the next guy gets in for one term or two and it goes back and forth; it’s fair that way.


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