Without Mollie Hemingway Then What

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Watching the latest debacle with The New York Times I’m left wondering how many of these kinds of stories pass through completely unnoticed. The only reason why we even know about this bias editing at The Times is that Mollie Hemingway also wrote a book on Brett Kavanaugh and said, hey wait a minute. There are many form and stripes of bias in the mainstream media, but this kind of editing at The Times is the most egregious one.

Cutting out something in an article that completely changes the meaning of the piece and actually makes it the mirror opposite, is horrible. George Orwell called this Newspeak, it is changing history in real-time. Now, there has been a rash of retractions and apologies all across the media landscape as of late. So much so, that I find myself questioning who is a trusted source of news. I don’t know if I even trust anyone anymore. The bias from the right and left leaves me with a mountain of propaganda that I have to sort through to find anything near the truth.

The hatred for Trump in the media and the new online news culture has dismantled venerable news outlets and laid to waste any trust we will ever share between us. I’m an opinion guy, I’ve been writing a blog for over eleven years now and it gets harder and harder to have an opinion on something when there is so much false information floating around. I could be making an opinion on something thinking it is true, only to find out it is not.

Now we have something called a “Deepfake” which is artificial intelligence that can take a person and make them say things they never said on a video. This kind of madness could start a world war. It is a new world out there. Over the last decade just blogging itself has changed and who knows where it is gonna go with this cancel culture we are now suffering through.

In the end, as regards to this latest dust-up over Brett Kavanaugh, if I have a choice between the so-called paper of record, The New York Times, and Mollie Hemingway from The Federalist, I’ll pick Mollie seven days a week and twice on Sunday. There are very few sources I trust anymore but Mollie is certainly one of them.


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