Whistleblower Story Another Media Dud

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Once again the mainstream media has worked itself into a frenzy over absolutely nothing. They don’t even realize what they look like to the rest of us. The media in this country is the most self-unaware group of people I’ve ever seen in my life. They really don’t apperceive how we perceive them, it really is something to behold. These people are off their collective rockers.

The mainstream media goes wild with one story after the other that is either false or we don’t care about it. I don’t give a damn about this Ukraine story and I do not know a single person in real life that does. Their hatred for President Donald Trump has given them some kind of brain damage. Their shared group think has infected their ability to observe reality as we know it.

This is not an explosive whistleblower story. Russia, Russia, Russia turns into racist, racist, racist that turns into recession, recession, recession. None of it worked to get rid of this president or convince the public of anything. I guess they have moved on to another letter in the dictionary with Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine. This is embarrassing to watch and CNN broadcasts this nonsense across the world. And, I don’t even support Trump for reelection.

You don’t have to be a news junkie to see this whistleblower is just an extension of the war between Trump and the Intelligence Community. The I.C. community is full of partisans that hate this or any Republican president. This is the same group of people that abused the FISA Courts and spied on a presidential campaign and a president. These are horrible people. They are not whistleblower do-gooders. They are using the whistleblower law to try to take down Trump before the Inspector General Report comes out about their abuse of the FISA system.


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