Treaty Signed By Clinton Makes All Of Trumps Ukrainian Actions Legal

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Nothing could be more politically ironic than a treaty signed by Bill Clinton that wipes clean Trump’s actions in Ukraine and makes them legal. It is called “Treaty with Ukraine on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters” and it is full of goodies for the president. In the treaty, both countries agree to work with each other on law enforcement and criminal matters among many things. Trump asking the president of Ukraine to look into Joe Biden and his son for corruption is covered by this treaty of 1999-2000.

In an orgy of irony, this treaty does not cover Hillary Clinton and the DNC with what they did with Ukraine in 2016 to get dirt on Trump. And, no, using a three-party like Fusion GPS does not mitigate their legal exposure in reference to inviting foreign nations to affect the 2016 election. The reason the treaty does not cover Clinton is that the Democrats went the avenue of using a counterintelligence investigation to go after Trump, not a criminal one. The “get out of impeachment free” treaty for Trump only apply to criminal investigations, not counterintelligence!

As soon as President Trump and his team figure this out, you can put a fork in it. It’s done. Game over. You can not impeach a president for doing legal things. Asking Ukraine to look into possible criminal corruption by the Joe and Hunter Biden is perfectly legal according to our treaty with Ukraine. I first heard about this watching The Five on Fox News. Jessie Waters brought this up and I went and looked into this. I wanted to see if this treaty was even real. Well, it was, it’s there, and it damn sure covers President Trump’s actions with Ukraine.

There is currently an investigation that is looking into the FISA court abuse that lead to the smearing of Donald Trump with the Steele Dossier and everything that snowballed from it. There are a lot of high-level people that are about to be named in wrongdoing. The third attempt to take down Donald Trump with this impeachment has failed before it started. They tried with Russian collusion, they tried with obstruction of justice, and now impeachment. However, Donald Trump keeps beating them every time! It would be unlawful to impeach President Donald Trump over his actions in Ukraine. Wow! Looks like the Democrats will have to try to remove Trump the old fashion way, they will have to use the voting booth to do it. Wow!

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