There Has Always Been Foreign Influence In Our Elections

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The Democrats apparently have no concept of recent elections to claim what Trump did is out of the norm. The opposite is, in fact, the truth. In my lifetime there has been lots of foreign influence in our elections by other countries. Not to even mention all of the elections around the world we mucked around in. Watching this crazy hysteria as of late over the Ukrainian call has been entertaining.

I remember people going over to the Soviet Union to get any dirt on Bill Clinton’s trip there before he was president. I recall a bunch of boots on the ground in Kenya uncovering Obama relatives and looking for dirt. They even found a woman who claimed she was there in Kenya at the birth of Barack Obama. Heck, the last election the Clinton and the DNC used people from the U.K. and Russia to create the Steele dossier to affect an election. If Bernie Sanders ever got the nomination, you better believe there will be boots on the ground in Russia and Cuba looking for dirt while Sanders was there vacationing.

Right now currently, today, China is influencing an election by targeting the farmers, so Trump would lose the mid-west. Acting like our elections are pure from foreign influence is rich and a provable lie. Don’t even get me going speaking of Israeli influence. We need to stop making believe this is not something that has been happening for the last fifty years that I have been alive, let alone before I was born.

Impeachment of President Trump is nothing more than the left’s ability not to except the last election. Every time a Republican wins the presidency, the collective left, the media, the Democrat Party and Hollywood all goes after whoever is the Republican President. It is a playbook they use, they call the Republican president stupid, dangerous and a racist. It happens every time the right wins the White House, every time.

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