S.E. Cupp Couldn’t Hold Maria Bartiromo’s Bra Strap

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S.E. Cupp tweeted out, “The great uncoupling of @MariaBartiromo from news is complete. Sad!” She did this after the president congratulated Maria for renewing her contract with Fox News. This is not the first shot S.E. has sent out, putting Maria down. She denigrated Maria live on CNN not too long ago. From my viewpoint, it looks like bitter jealousy.

When you compare the two careers, it is not even close. Maria has had a vastly more successful career than S.E. Cupp has ever had. S.E.’s show failed as a daily show on CNN. The network stuck her in a time slot just once a week on a Saturday where nobody is there to see her. Everyone is enjoying their weekend, even if you DVR it, by the time you get to watch it, all the Sunday Morning shows overshadow it. Then her show becomes dated and old.

S.E. Cupp is just another Never-Trumper making money while the liberal networks use them to get back at the president. Cupp has no connection to the current Republican Party in any measurable way. She is an outsider barking outside the fence of real power. The real uncoupling is S.E. and her connection to the sixty-two million people that voted for Trump. And, an uncoupling to any successful ratings on cable news. That’s the real uncoupling.

Maria has a three-hour show every morning Monday through Friday on Fox Business channel and a Sunday morning show on the main Fox Network. I hate to break the news to S.E., but Maria’s show during the week is the most informative morning show on cable. I learn more about our country and what is going on watching Mornings With Maria than any other morning show. I’ve watched them all and always go back to her show for my morning news. She covers way more than the stock market on her show and talks more about the stuff that actually touches every day Americans than S.E. Cupp has ever been a part of.


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