Presidential Cruelty Rolls Over Bahamas

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In the latest episode of a reality show president, the cruelty rolls on. President Trump went to the camera to tell the world that we would not be accepting anyone from the Bahamas unless they have proper papers. Of course, he is ignoring the obvious that the island was blown away in a cataclysmic hurricane along with most people’s so-called proper papers.

President Trump sites gang members and drug dealers as the reason we can’t help our desperate neighbors in their hour of need. Once again the president has shown to the world that he does not have the empathy gene in his DNA. He made it sound like ISIS was going to sneak in our country through the Bahamian route. The whole thing just reeked of pure evil and stunning cruelty.

America has made its biggest mistake since slavery electing this man to the highest office. He leaves us with nothing but shame and he does these shameful things in our name in front of the whole world. President Trump is actually creating brand new consistencies. He now has tens of millions of disaffected voters who once voted for him but will never do that again.

I think it is possible that Trump will get at least ten million fewer votes this time around. There are so many categories of people who supported him in 2016 only to regret that now. People who now see what a racist he is would be one consistency. Those who thought he would govern as a populist are another. Folks who believed he’d cover everyone with healthcare like he said when he was campaigning, and then watching him try to push through a healthcare plan that would wipe out thirty million people’s healthcare are part of this growing base of people who will not vote for the man again.

I can go on and on, there are different categories of people for different reasons that will not vote for the man ever again. I don’t even see why the guy would run for reelection, he can’t possibly win. One thing is clear, Trump can kiss away Bahamian Floridians that have family on the island. Just to be succinct, that is over twenty-thousand people in Florida alone. The man keeps finding more and more groups of people to piss off. By the time the 2020 election comes around, who on Earth would be supporting Trump? The crazies, that is who.

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