Joe Biden Can Not Be Our Next President

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I see that many people are going around making excuses for Joe Biden. If you say one word about how Joe is clearly moving into onset dementia, you will be accused of ageism. Yes, they sure do like to throw around those isms… However, I don’t care about that politically correct nonsense, I can’t ignore that the man is slipping away and that his mental functions should not be placed in the White House for heaven sake.

Watching the debates I am bewildered that the Democrat Party wants to put in the presidency a bunch of old people in their seventies. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why on Earth they are doing this. There are plenty of people on that debate stage that are in their prime. Why would this party want to put in these old people in the White House is something I just can’t wrap my mind around.

It is time to pass the torch to a new generation of leaders. People with new ideas and folks that will not forget what state they are standing in at any given moment. Yes, Joe thought he was in Vermont when talking to people in New Hampshire. It is perfectly fine to like Joe Biden as a man and also holds the thought that this should be the last person handed the nuclear codes.

Do Democrat voters not see the damage the Baby Boomer Generation has done to our country and the entire world? They are destroyed every institution they ever put their hands on. They have literally bankrupted America with crushing debt that can never be paid back. Why would anyone or any voter want to give this group of people another bite at the apple of power? Joe Biden can not be our next president. He just can’t be. That would not end well.


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