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Growing up in Florida I am no stranger to hurricanes. I have been through many over my lifetime. My very first hurricane was David in 1979. I was a kid at the time being Generation X, but I remember David clearly. I guess one does not forget their first. As a kid I thought hurricane were exciting and fun. As a fifty-year-old man, now I have had my fill. But they still keep coming and now we got Hurricane Dorian.

Before now, the mother of all hurricanes and one I lived through was Hurricane Andrew in 1992. It made a town in South Florida where I grew up called Homestead disappear. It completely wiped out the entire town. Living through that was a memory that will never go away. And it is clear I am not going to forget Dorian. Watching what it did to the Bahamas I stared in shock. It was nothing more than Armageddon for the Bahamian people.

I’ll never forget 2004 hurricane season when we got hit with Hurricane Charley, Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne. I was without electricity that year for a month or more collectively. It was a miserable year when it came to dealing with all of those hurricanes. Ironically, I was living in the middle of that state, yet there I was having these hurricanes going over my roof. It did not matter that I lived inland at the time. I still had to deal with hurricanes.

After moving back to the coast a decade ago, I have had to deal with four different hurricanes so far. Hurricane Michael was a real pain in the ass last year in 2018. Now I have Dorian coming over my head. I once thought about moving out of Florida. I have lived all over the country. I’ve lived in the Northeast, the Midwest, and out in California on the west coast. The truth is, Florida is the best state in the union to live despite having to deal with hurricanes. I certainly would not want to live in any of the states that make up tornado alley. And you can keep earthquakes, no thank you. Living in paradise is worth the hardship.


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